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Sicilia in Ireland

Organic Matcha Tea - Matcha tea tablet (60g)

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Surprising in taste and in its bewitching green colour, MATCHA TEA is an exquisite understanding between the soft and velvety flavour of soy and the refreshing aroma of green tea. The result is singular for its creaminess and sweetness, albeit without milk and sweetened only with agave.
A delicacy for everyone, not just for green tea lovers!

It may contain traces of Nuts.

Gluten free, Lactose-free, Vegan.

  • Cocoa butter*
  • Powdered agave*
  • Powdered rice drink* (Rice, Sunflower oil, Salt)
  • Agave inulin*
  • Tea matcha* (1.8%)
  • Emulsifier: Sunflower, Lecithin*

*From organic farming