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Almond Butter

100% Almond Cream (175g)

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Nut Creams often present a long list of ingredients full of thickeners, aromas or added sugar.

Euro Company selected the best nuts and, after fine and slow grinding, they obtained a creamy mixture made only with nuts, which preserves its original taste and nutritional characteristics.

Euro Company brand is 100% dedicated to organic nut creams made with only ONE ingredient.

Soft and creamy consistency to taste nuts in a new way, seizing its olfactory nuances and being inebriated by new sensations.


  • As a topping for yogurt, fruit, and ice-cream.
  • Mixed with honey and spread on toasted biscuits or bread.
  • As ingredients for sweet and savoury recipes.

It may contain traces of Peanuts and other Nuts.


  • Almond*

* From organic farming