About us

Making Homemade Italian Wine, the story of Sicilia in Ireland in Dublin

A happy place

Our founder, a Sicilian by blood, is deeply attached to his roots and
family traditions, such as tomato sauce making, desserts preparation and wine
making. Growing up in the backdrop of olive trees, grapes, oranges and
mandarins, he developed his love for harvesting and transforming these natural
ingredients for home cooking and consumption.

The passion of cooking and for the food in Dublin restaurants.


Years of travelling and working in different countries
have then contributed to an extensive experience in dealing with culinary and
food products. Finally settling down in Ireland, he established the company as
his ultimate passion for food and desire to share the goodness of authentic

Sicilian street food. Tasty food now available in Dublin by Sicilia in Ireland

Products we love

We carefully sourced our goods from Sicilian family-run
businesses, well-known for their years of experience in offering local products
and delicacies. Each of these artisan products is made from high quality
ingredients and produced using traditional techniques. Many ingredients are
grown around the Etna volcano, and they benefit from its rich soil and climate
variations, perfectly adding to their unique flavour, colour and aroma. We
pride ourselves in importing and distributing premium quality products that
embody the rich Sicilian food and culinary culture!