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Pizza is a savoury dish of Italian origin consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese,...

- Pizza

If you love basil pesto, don't miss out our product from Hybla company. This smells like homemade when opened. Basil pesto is one of my earliest ch...

- Basil pesto pasta

I fornai Siciliani russello spaghetti is made with organic durum wholemeal semolina, a ancient flour with high level of protein, a low gluten and g...

- Carbonara

This is a beautifully simple, classic Sicilian pasta dish – it’s incredibly satisfying and full of flavour. The pasta that we used is Rigatoni from...

- Rigatoni Norma

This is an excellent creamy first-course, prepared with simple ingredients but rich in taste that will appeal to adults and children. The chickpeas...

- Chickpea and potato soup

This pasta is made of organic wholemeal semolina Russello flour from "I fornai  Siciliani". This is a ancient grain processed through stone milling...

- Organic Tagliatelle Russello

we proudly import organic Sicilian delicacies


Excellent quality Sicilian products delivered at my doorstep. I used to get my pistachio cream in what used to be the only local store which sells them. But now, having tasted both, i found that the pistachio cream offered by Sapori is truly more superior than the other and therefore will be switching to them moving forward. Other products which I love are the cuttlefish and swordfish sauce which is perfect for seafood pasta and risotto.

Great food

Nickalo A.

Great products, really high quality, the authentic Sicilian top food! I used the products over Christmas and it was a great success! I would highly recommend!

Great food

Gian Michele B.

If you want the flavours of Sicily delivered right to your home, Sapori Di Sicilia Ltd is the way to go. The pistachio cream is heaven. Try something different with the flavours of suffy drinks. Simply delizioso!!

Joan F.

I got some real honey and guava jam and they are absolutely delicious!!! Totally recommended, specially the guava with some brioche!! Delivery was super quick and guy was very nice

Great food

Gabriela B.

Great selection of organic Sicilian delicacies ~ my current favorite is pistachio cream!

Great food

Carmina C.

Delicious flavours, great communication, and service with a smile from a real life Sicilian!!! Highly recommend

Aoife K.

Highly recommended! Excellent shop to buy Sicilian delicacies! Will definitely try more of their products!

Bren C.

Yummy linguine de semalato with sugo pronto alla pescatora enjoyed by the whole family tonight.

Great food

Cheryll G.

Italian pasta sauces you must try!

Julie A.